Case Study —’s Top Ranked SEO Service Provider

Total orders last month — 63

Service AOV (average order value) — USD276 (Source: Paypal statement)

Cheapest package/service — USD100

Amount spent — USD1,593.13

Estimated Revenue Generated — USD6300–17,388

0-Penny Charges to the client for A-Z Management— USD1098/-


Most subscribed SEO Service on BHW Marketplace

The client has a 1000+ page sales thread on BHW. The success is so unprecedented that elements from their website, pricing & overall design. has been implemented by other marketplace sellers.


Expand market beyond BHW

After mastering the BHW landscape, the client wanted to expand their presence to a bigger market. The client also wanted a complete hands-off approach w.r.t Facebook advertising.


Strategic deployment of available assets into a multi-step campaign funnel

The SEO Services space is highly competitive. Some would say it’s saturated. However, it’s clearly the most popular service on BHW.

A quick look at the Marketplace will tell you the amount of people selling & the even incredible amount of people looking to buy it.

It’s BIG money.

But, selling on BHW is still easy compared to starting off from scratch in the outside world.

On BHW, you have 100s of pages of your sales thread with a diverse spectrum of reviews. The seller has a history of BHW. They have been vetted by the BHW mods. The seller cares for their reputation.

It’s like shopping on Amazon. You know you’ll get your money’s worth or your money back.

This makes it easier for the potential buyer to make a decision.

But how do you convince someone on Facebook that has never heard about your service out of the 100s services they get bombarded with every day?

That was our challenge for this project.

We knew we need to educate the buyer. We also knew that we have to be sales-focused from the beginning. Lastly, we knew SEO buyers are extremely smart.

We started out with a soft-sales approach with the 1st campaign i.e. the Prospecting Campaign. We wanted to expose the user to the business. If they bought our packages, great. If they didn’t we had other campaigns in place.

For the next campaign, we remarketed to people that showed a relatively higher buying intent.

We prepared case studies based on the results the client had achieved in the past, highlighting the most desirable KPI’s.

We also remarketed to previous clients in order to expose them to the service since the last time they signed up.

The remaining approach centred around putting people over the fence with incentives and authority proofs.


Building future growth

60+ orders & growing from new users & old clients that would never have been captured without the campaign.

With an average order value of above $250, the investment has paid many times over within the first 3 weeks itself.

The campaigns reached prospective buyers and successfully opened the doors for fresh & bigger market.

We are glad to add that the aforementioned client renewed for another month enforcing his trust in us and our methodologies.

The next step is to scale the campaign and get it to 100 weekly conversions to reduce CPA & increase the return.

Products used

Tier 1

The campaign was managed by Prakhar/Abradabra himself.

Ultimate Package

Our flagship offering included Prospecting & Retargeting Campaigns. And a completely hands-off approach.


Payments were handled via Bitcoin. Bitcoin makes it easier to send & receive cross-border payments without the excess fee of popular merchants like Paypal.