Generating Local Leads for a Dentist in Delaware

Comparing 2 Different Methods of Lead Generation

The number one reason people use Facebook ads is to get leads for their business. So, we’re always looking for new ways to generate more leads for our clients.

Recently, we worked with a dentist in Delaware. They wanted to target people in their local area and get some new patients for their practice. To determine the best strategy possible we decided to implement two different tactics to see which one performed best.

Keep reading to learn what methods we used and which one was more effective.

Cost Per Lead vs Revenue Generated Per Lead

Before we continue it’s important to talk about the average cost per lead and the average revenue generated per lead in the dental industry. On average, dental leads cost around $60 which is higher than most other industries. However, studies show that the average value of a new patient is about $1000.

Because of this, we focused more on quality leads, rather than quantity. One new patient would likely pay for the entire campaign (including both their budget and our fees). We knew if we could get them three, four, or maybe even five really good leads the campaign would be more than worth it.

Our Strategies

As I mentioned before, we decided to employ two strategies:

  • Strategy #1: The ad would send them to the website where they could research the practice and learn more about their services. From the website, they could then submit their contact information.

  • Strategy #2: The ad would direct them to a simple contact form within Facebook Messenger. Users would leave their phone and email and then the dentist’s office would contact them.

The Results

In the end, both methods were effective at generating leads for the client. However, there were some key differences:

Website Traffic Ads (Wins & Losses)

With this strategy, we were able to warm leads up before contacting them. By the time the office reached out to them, they had already been to the website and learned all about what the dentist had to offer.

That being said, there were some drawbacks. First, it was twice the cost of our other strategy. And second, following up with leads was difficult. We only had their phone and email, and we all know how unlikely people are to answer promotional emails and texts.

Facebook Messenger Leads (Wins & Losses)

The one drawback of this method was that the leads weren’t as warm when they were contacted. Because they hadn’t been to the website yet they needed to be educated before being converted into a patient.

But a big plus was that getting leads this way was a lot cheaper. It was also easier to follow up with the leads once they were collected. People are much more likely to check their Facebook messages so the dentist was able to connect with more leads this way.

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