Google Play App Goes to Top 10 with Facebook Ads

About the Client

Get Rich: Live Challenges is a social app that gives people access to engaging live content. Viewers can submit challenges to streamers, donate money to their favourite creators, and interact with other users.

The Problem

As a relatively new app, Get Rich: Live Challenges was having a tough time getting downloads on the Google Play Store. They wanted to run Facebook ads to find new customers, but their account wouldn’t let them spend the amount of money they needed to reach their goals.

Their Goal

The client wanted to grow their user base, increase their downloads, and become a top-ranking app in multiple markets.

The Solution

Get Rich: Live Challenges decided to partner with 0-Penny in order to launch the type of Facebook campaign necessary to grow their app.

Since we have a long history of running successful campaigns on our accounts our spend limit is much higher than most. By running the ads on our account the client was able to use a much higher budget, allowing them to drive more people to their download page.

The Results

Our Facebook ads helped the client increase their downloads in just a few days. Here’s a breakdown of the results:

  • 7314 installs in 4 days

  • Spend: $5000 USD

  • Cost per install: $0.79 USD

  • Top 10 ranking in Spain, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Guatamala (Social Category)

  • Top 25 ranking in Mexico, Argentina, and Chile (Social Category)

  • Top 500 in Mexico (Overall)

Products Used

The client purchased our Tier 1 Advanced Package, which includes campaign set-up, multiple ad variations, ad monitoring, optimization, and more.