How a Graphic Design Company Generated $14,400+ in Revenue Despite Their Facebook Account Being Blocked

About the Client

L.B. is a graphic design company with a small team. They mainly focus on logos but also offer designs for business cards, ads, flyers, and websites.

The Problem

Facebook had blocked their account. Not only did that mean they were unable to run ads, but it also meant they had lost access to all the leads they had generated from previous campaigns. They needed to figure out how to collect new leads and make up for the lost business.

Their Goal

The client was looking for a way to launch a new Facebook ad campaign that would allow them to build their brand, grow their leads, and generate new revenue for the business.

The Solution

It’s not uncommon for Facebook to unjustly ban accounts for no good reason. This can seriously handcuff a small business and limit its potential to promote its services.

To get around L.B.’s account ban we moved their ads to our account. Unfortunately, their ads were still getting flagged, so we switched to plan B.

Our team strategically moved their ads to different accounts every time they were flagged. Despite all the issues, we were able to provide them with uninterrupted service and a campaign that delivered consistent leads and revenue.

The client’s ads were continually optimized as we gathered more data throughout the campaign, resulting in more impressions and clicks. Instead of directing customers straight to a website, we utilized Facebook messages to start a conversation with them.

Through these chats, L.B.’s team determined the individual needs of each lead, allowing them to convert a large number of them into sales.

This is just one example of the type of solutions we deliver for clients. It doesn’t matter if your account is banned, your ads or being flagged, or you’re having another issue with Facebook. Our team is able to come up with strategies to solve virtually any problem and deliver a successful campaign.



For most Facebook ad campaigns, once ads start getting flagged it’s basically over. But in this case, it didn’t impact the campaign at all.

By constantly moving the ads to different accounts the client experienced no interruptions, and the leads and sales continued to roll in.

Here are the final results:

  • Total Revenue: USD14,407

  • Total Leads: 757+*

  • Total Impressions: 724,031

We’re so happy we were able to help L.B. continue to run ads despite the issues they’ve encountered with Facebook.

If you’re experiencing similar problems, or you’d simply like help running your next campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is standing by and ready to develop a plan to help you reach your advertising goals.

Products Used

The client purchased our Ultimate Tier 1 package for the first month and our Advanced Lite package for the second month. The Ultimate Tier 1 package allowed us to build a solid foundation for the campaign during the first month. For the second month, it made sense to use a lower-priced package so the client had more budget available to scale the campaign.

A Note About the New EU Ruling

As you may have heard, there was a new ruling made by the EU recently that will impact how the messaging feature can be used with Facebook ad campaigns.

We’re already looking into this and developing a workaround that will allow you to continue to take advantage of this strategy.

As of today, you can continue to run Messenger ads & receive new messages. However, optimisation is limited to Link Clicks only with no data available on total messages received & their cost.