How a Loan Agent Found Success with a White-Labelled Facebook Campaign, Despite a Small Budget​

About the Client

The client worked for a business that offered various types of loans, such as personal, life insurance, and health insurance.

Niche/Industry - Loans (Business & Personal)

Country Targeted - Malaysia

Campaign Language - Chinese

The Problem

This particular client faced a unique set of challenges. To start, they had a small budget of $500 per month. On top of that, they couldn’t have people knowing the campaign was run by us.

The Goal

The client wanted to target people who were in need of loans and generate leads for their business while not exceeding their small budget.

The Solution

Before launching the campaign, we had a number of conversations with the client and their boss.

In order to provide the client with the results they were looking for, and make sure their boss didn’t find out we were in charge of the campaign, we white-labelled our services. This gave the appearance that the campaign was run by the client, when in fact we created and monitored everything for them.

Next was the issue of their budget. We’ve always believed in helping small businesses and offering agency-level services for freelancer prices. Small businesses are currently most affected by COVID, and we want to provide affordable solutions that will help them promote their products and services.
So, while we usually recommend a budget of $2,000 per month, we had no problem working with a budget of $500 per month (which is our minimum starting budget). We set them up with our Advanced Tier 2 package. It has no minimum budget but still offers all the same features we use with our high-budget clients.

We set up three ad sets with multiple variations and a budget of $17 per day. After we had collected enough data we removed the lowest performing ad set and ran the remaining two for three and a half weeks. For the second month, we updated the campaign with another fresh set of ads which ran through the third month as well.

It didn’t take long for the leads to come in, and our white-label services meant that neither her boss nor her clients had any idea that we were the ones behind the ads. It just shows that you don’t need a large budget to get high-level Facebook advertising results.


Some people will argue that you need to spend thousands of dollars a month to see significant results on Facebook. However, this campaign proves otherwise.

Here are the results:

  • 646 total leads (With e-mail & phone number

  • $3.25 per lead

  • 4.79% Click-through rate (5.3X industry average.

We’re so happy we were able to help this client with their campaign and look forward to collaborating more with them in the future.

Products Used

The client purchased our Advanced Tier 2 package, which includes campaign set-up, multiple ad variations, ad monitoring, optimization, and more. They also utilized our white-label services so no one would know we were running their ads.

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