How a Second-Coming Resulted in a Client Achieving a 532% RoAS

About the Client

The client operates an eCommerce business that sells personalised items, such as mugs, pillows, face masks, beach towels, and more.

The Problem

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their supply chains had broken down. As a result, they received negative feedback from customers and their account was banned.

The Goal

After not renewing our services, the client decided to give us another chance to see if we could correct the mistakes and help them generate more sales.

The Solution

This was not the first time we worked with this client. We had previously helped them achieve a 212% RoAS on their last Facebook Ads campaign.

However, when the pandemic hit they ran into problems with their supply chain. Through no fault of their own customer weren’t receiving their orders in a timely manner.

As a result, there were complaints and their account was banned. We weren’t able to adapt to changing circumstances, and understandably they didn’t renew our services.

But then they read one of our recent success stories in an email and decided to give us a second chance.

The timing was perfect. We had learned from our mistakes and matured as a company.

In the 9 months since they last worked with us, we had been involved in 150+ campaigns. This taught us how to be more efficient with budgets, improved our understanding of market trends, and helped us learned how to create a better copy.

We also had a better understanding of the client’s needs after working with them previously.

Because of these improvements, the client achieved even better results than before with none of the negative consequences.


After just 3 weeks here are the client’s results:

  • 137 total sales

  • $4,321.7 in total revenue

  • 532% RoAS

Products Used

The client purchased our Advanced Tier 2 package, which includes campaign set-up, multiple ad variations, ad monitoring, optimisation, and more. They also utilised our retargeting add-on and account management services.