How a T-Shirt Company Increased Turnover by 72% to $76,277

Despite Covid & iOS14 restrictions

About the Client​

The Company is an online retailer that sells motorcycle-themed t-shirts and other apparel.

The Problem​

Before working with 0Penny their cost per action (CPA) had been steadily rising while their sales had been decreasing. They were spending more money than they had in previous years but they weren’t getting the kinds of results they expected.

Their Goal

The Midnight Company needed a Facebook Ads solution that reduced their CPA while also generating more sales. Once this was achieved they wanted to scale their ads to maximize their revenue. Finally, they were tired of creating the campaigns themselves and wanted to outsource the responsibility to a team of experts.

The Solution​

After analyzing their current ads we realized that the creative itself was strong. The issue was the targeting. Because the ads weren’t being shown to the right audience Facebook was charging them a higher CPA. Plus, since the people that were seeing these ads weren’t their ideal customers, conversions were suffering.

We reviewed all their campaigns and website data to determine who was actually buying their products. We then set up a variety of lookalike audiences based on that data to ensure we were targeting the right demographics.

Some of the audiences we created were their top five website visitors, people who viewed their product pages, and people who purchased from them in the last 90 days. We also began excluding people who hadn’t shown any interest in their products.

Once these audiences were in place their CPA started to decrease and a higher number of sales were generated. With the ads now working as they should we increased their ad spend and began scaling up the campaign to help them get even more revenue from their ads.

Prior to working with 0Penny, the client’s advertising costs had been increasing every year. But with the right targeting in place, their CPA was reduced back down to what they had been paying years ago, which was exactly what they were hoping for.

What's next?

The Midnight Company has been working with us for over five months. We recently helped them deal with the Apple iOS update, which limited the amount of tracking they could perform. We analyzed their website and compared that with their Facebook ads so they had a better idea of exactly how their ads were performing.

Moving forward, our plan is to refresh their ad creative and help them better understand the impact that the Apple iOS update has on their business.

Finally, because The Midnight Company has been such a good client for us we’re developing a retargeting campaign for them free of charge. We want to help them grow their business and feel these ads will add additional value for them.

About 0Penny​

We’ve been creating Facebook Ad campaigns for a wide array of businesses for the last eight years. During that time, we’ve perfected our methods and developed a proven strategy to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible. We love helping businesses reach their goals and are always open to taking on new clients.

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