How an eCommerce Store in India Got 526 Sales in Just 14 Days

About the Client

The client has an eCommerce store that sells general items. Something you would find on a regular dropshipping store.

The Problem

While the client was generating sales from their stores. The website presented to us was completely new. On top of this, the digital marketing agency they were previously using didn’t offer any transparency. The agency was running the ads in their account, which meant the client didn’t have access and had no idea what was going on.

Their Goal

The client wanted to drive sales to their store. They also wanted to be kept in the loop about the strategies that were being used so they knew exactly how their store was being marketed.

The Solution

After hearing about the issues they were having with the other agency, a fellow Black Hat World member referred the client to us since they knew we could deliver the type of results they were looking for.

To start, we took a good hard look at the client’s store and products to determine what their ideal audience was and what type of ads would be most effective. After doing this we came to two conclusions:

  1. Given their products and offerings, their audience would be mostly local (from India). This meant our ads would need to target local customers and the content of the ads would have to be localised.

  2. We felt that video ads would be the best way to draw people’s attention and promote the client’s products.

We created the first batch of creative and promoted it to a local audience. Then we let that run for a few days to gauge its effectiveness. Once we had a large enough sample size we began making changes based on the results to optimize the campaign.

Very quickly we started seeing results and we knew we had a possible winner on our hands. So, we started scaling up the spend to allow the client to get the most sales possible.

All of this was done through the client’s own Facebook account, which meant they had access to all the ads and could see exactly what we were doing at all times. This gave them peace of mind that we were delivering on our promises and doing what we said we were going to do.

The Results

We saw the potential with this store right away. We knew that if we got their products in front of the right people they would be able to increase their sales in a big way. And that’s exactly what happened.

Here are the results after less than a week of running the Facebook ads campaign:

  • 526 sales

  • 4.56$ CPA

  • 249% RoAS

We’re thrilled to have the client on board and look forward to helping them grow their business well into the future.