How We Use Internet Trends to Sell 100s Items for eCommerce Stores

About the Client

The client runs an online store that offers affordable and trendy bracelets for people of all ages.

The Problem

The client had a poor customer feedback score on Facebook. As a result, the cost of their ads went up and they were reaching fewer people, which was hurting their overall sales.

Their Goal

Uber Bracelets wanted to get back to consistently generating sales through their Facebook ads. Their goal for the first month was to just break even before eventually moving towards making a profit with their campaigns.

The Solution

We started by looking at the calendar and identifying holidays that would be a good fit for these products. With Mother’s Day coming up we felt that this would be the perfect angle to sell the client’s bracelets.

Specifically, we thought the bracelets would be great for mothers and daughters.

Their existing creative was good, so we just tweaked it a bit and adjusted the copy to focus on our target audience. We also created some new video creative, as we felt this would help increase engagement and sales.

Next, we created our audience. We utilized value-based lookalike audiences to target the type of people who had purchased these products in the past. We also targeted mothers and daughters who were away from home.

After the ads were launched we monitored the analytics until we had enough data. Then we refined the ads to improve the results even further. Once the ads were performing up to their full potential we increased the spend to maximize the client’s sales.

After 1 Month

After one month the client has already generated over 100 sales, which is a big improvement over their previous campaigns. Their ad costs are also decreasing, which is helping their bottom line.

Moving forward, we’re helping them work around the new iOS update so they can more accurately track their Facebook Ads results.

We’ll also be continuing to refine their ads and audiences to help them improve their sales and profits even further.

The Creative

For this particular ad, we decided to utilize a testimonial for the copy. The messaging becomes much stronger when it’s coming from a customer, rather than the client. Social proof is also a powerful sales tool, and it’s worked extremely well for this campaign.

Products Used

The client used our Tier 2 Advanced Lite package, which includes 1 prospecting campaign set-up, multiple ad variations, ad monitoring, optimization, and more.

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