Increasing Amazon Sales with Facebook ads (Case Study)


The American health supplement brand ran a campaign with 0-Penny Ads under the Tier 2 offering to drive more Amazon sales, resulting in a revenue of $15,681 till date.​

$15,681 Amazon Sales Revenue

From products sold on Amazon with Facebook ads being the only traffic source

$891.68 Store Sales Revenue

From users that purchased on their website

17.7% Revenue Growth MoM

Over the period of the last 3.5 months (Peak Lockdown period)

THEIR STORY - Promoting a healthy life

The client is an upcoming health supplement brand from the U.S.A that uses a scientific formula to provide customers with improved focus & elevated mood.

THEIR GOAL -Getting the word out

Because the brand isn’t as widely known the client wanted to find a more effective way to reach interested customers while also directly increasing its online sales.


Initially, the client had come to increase sales on their e-commerce website.

However, trust & authority is the #1 hurdles new stores face.

To allow for people to trust their product, we suggested the client to start directing traffic to Amazon.

We started with an Amazon button alongside the Add-to-Cart button.It wasn’t very prominent.

However, it kept getting clicks. As a result, the Amazon's sales figures also witnessed a spike.

Gradually, we made the button more prominent & eventually ended up making it the focus of the landing page.

The process of advertising was gradual, we started with a 500USD initial budget, slowly testing ads & tweaking them every week.

As we started to see sales & Add-to-carts, the budget was gradually increased.

The current monthly budget is 2500USD with plans to increase it significantly as the lockdown eases.

THEIR SUCCESS -Boosted Revenue & Returns

The 0-Penny team effectively boosted the company’s bottom line. The client has since 5X'ed their original budget to 2500USD with the Amazon sales figures still growing. Over 100 days in 2020, the campaign resulted in:

  • $15,681 in Amazon sales revenue

  • $15,681 in Store sales revenue

  • 17.7% month-on-month growth in revenue

Services Used

1. 0-Penny Tier 2 Package(s)

Starting with Advanced Lite, the client has now moved to Ultimate Lite.

2. Retargeting/Sales Funnel add-on

2-6 retargeting campaigns to bring back lost visitors

3. Chatbots

Using Facebook Messenger for abandoned cart reminders, customer support & Sponsored messages to existing leads