The British fashion company used 0-Penny Facebook & Instagram ad service make its ads more cost-efficient and generated a 2.12X return on ad spend over a 28 days test period.


Personalisation for the Hardcore Sports fan
As a British print-on-demand company, the business offers loyal sports fans unique memorabilia & personalised items mugs, t-shirts & pillows. Driven by innovation and progress, the platform continuously aims to create relatable items that fans are proud of.


Stability & Return
The client wanted to run ads in our account after suffering setbacks earlier this year due to their accounts getting banned.


Multi-product & Multi-category carousel ads, run under 0-Penny Facebook accounts
The client wanted to scale up fast. However, had a big catalogue of products. Also, the starting budget didn’t allow for any wasteful spending. Spending on all products was impractical

To do this, we created carousel ads with their top products in different ad sets, within the same campaign.

The goal was for Facebook to distribute the most budget to the top categories, thereby utilising the budget efficiently.

All ads using campaign budget optimisation featured products and their prices, encouraging people to click through to the platform and make a purchase.


Ready to scale

  • 1 month of = uninterrupted running of ads

  • 2.12X incremental return on ad spend

  • Identified top categories & products to promote & scale


- Tier 2 Team 0-Penny
- Advanced Package
- Account Management