A Look at the A-Z Funnel of a GIGANTIC $1.8 Million Revenue Generating Facebook Campaign

“Without a marketing funnel, your marketing team is flying blind. And it doesn’t matter if you implement the most brilliant marketing strategy, your marketing efforts may not deliver the desired results without a funnel in place”

- Anonymous

Let’s say you’re running a $100,000 Facebook ad campaign each month that redirects your audience towards your website landing page or one of your product or service pages. Five or six months in, what if you realize that 99% of the traffic that you attracted towards your website via Facebook ads bounced off – just because your checkout process is complicated or the website functions poorly?

By then, you’d have wasted nearly half a million dollars on Facebook Ads. 

You can generate thousands of leads each month but may have an extremely low conversion rate if you don’t follow up on them.

Most business owners, marketers, advertisers, and even sales personnel consider marketing to be a linear approach. 

But it’s not.

When people buy a product, they go through different stages – from introduction to conversion to retention. Throughout this process, your prospects will try to gain more insights into your business, understand whether they can trust you or not and if you deliver a perfect experience – purchase one of your products or services.

That’s the reason it’s critical to build a fool-proof digital marketing strategy for your business. 

But while doing so, one thing you need to keep in mind is not to think of the buyers’ journey as an A-Z expedition. Instead, consider it as a multi-layered approach.

For example, let’s think of your Facebook Ads as an introduction to your business. From there, you need to have a brilliant website, perfect copy, a smooth checkout process, and a great customer experience.

But at the same time, you need to think of certain scenarios like:

  • What if your prospects bounce off your website? – that’ll happen 99% of the time – that’s because it takes at least 6-8 marketing touches to convert a prospect into a paying customer.

  • What if your prospects abandon their cart?

  • What if using the high-intent keywords to target the audience that is searching for low-intent keywords?

Some time ago we helped a Hoverboard Company from the UK skyrocket their hoverboard sales and generate $1.8 million in revenue – by building a fool-proof A-Z funnel – from introduction to conversion to retention.

Our funnel was heavily focused on attracting the company’s prospects at different stages of their customer journey. From first-time website visitors to prospects who visited their Hoverboard product pages numerous times to cart abandoners, our focus was on putting our advertisements in front of client’s target audience – the smart way.

Here’s How Our Funnel Looked Like:

As we mentioned before, our complete funnel was focused on converting different people at different stages of their buyers’ journeys into paying customers. 

For example, we crafted different sets of ads for different prospects at different stages. 

While most of the products offered by the client are high-ticket ones, one of the major concerns of companies selling low-ticket items while running Facebook advertisements is the ROAS. That’s because eCommerce store owners find it extremely tough to have a high ROAS upon targeting low-ticket items. 

Recently, we shot up one of our clients’ – selling low-ticket items - eCommerce store’s revenue by a gigantic 506%. And if your main concern is whether you should run Facebook ads for low-ticket items or not, what we’d advise you to do is strategically build a conversion-focused system and process in place. Click HERE to learn how we did it to reach the 506% mark.

Despite delivering outstanding results, we didn’t want to stop. We wanted to hit the home run during the Holiday season – which is why we pitched the idea of the “Viral Referral Program” to executives at the company.

This program was to target the least interested ones – but it at least helped us give a fighting chance against the competitors. Our strategy was simple:

  • Plan an Early Access Black Friday Campaign & Build a Dedicated Landing Page to Promote the Offer

  • Create As Much Buzz Amongst the Users as Possible Via Facebook Ads.

  • Generate a Sense of Urgency by Setting Limited Number of People Who Could Be a Part of the Early Access Black Friday Sale.

We set up a dedicated viral landing page and ran Facebook ads to generate buzz. 

The offer was simple: “Get Early Access to Our Black Friday Deals.”

While we were offering a great discount, the number of people who’d get early access to the Black Friday sale was limited.

Since we had a limited number of people that could get access, we asked our audience to refer to more people to boost their chances of getting in - and the ones with the highest points would get early access. 

Platform Used – Upviral

Now, our core users that wanted to grab heavy discounts – as part of the sale – promoted the offer through different modes of communication like group chat, social media, email, and more.


One of the reasons most business owners fail with their marketing and advertising efforts is that they think of marketing as a linear approach. At the same time, rather than building a full-fledged marketing funnel for maximum conversion, they rely on just a single strategy – which is not the way to go.

More than 99% of your first-time website visitors won’t purchase from you. It takes more than 6-8 marketing touches to make a sale.  And sometimes – it may take even more. 

Multiple follow-ups are required to close a sale. And if you want to make maximum impact, you need to build a fool-proof marketing system. And most importantly, you need to cater to the needs of different customers at different stages of their buyers’ journey. 

And that’s exactly what we excel at.

We offer detailed blueprints and complete funnel services to help our clients ace their advertising efforts. Upon reaching out to us, we’ll deliver a 10+ page report comprising the list of steps you need to take to successfully execute your business goals with Facebook & Instagram advertising. 

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