How We Shot Up an eCommerce Store’s Revenue by a Gigantic 506%

By Simply Adding Upsells & Optimizing the Product Page

These days, the eCommerce sector is a gigantic-sized playfield with over 24 million online stores thriving on the world wide web. And with thousands of store owners kickstarting their online venture every single year, the global eCommerce industry has been predicted to cross the $6.3 trillion mark by 2024.

Such unprecedented growth has led to fierce competition. And to always stay one step ahead and skyrocket their sales and profit margin, store owners have begun investing thousands, if not millions, of dollars in paid advertising.

And the same is the story of one of our clients – a small-sized eCommerce store that kickstarted their online venture during the Covid-19 pandemic.

About the Client

After launching their online store, their intention was to reach out to as many of their prospects and customers as possible. Before they reached out to us, they were pretty reluctant to invest their top dollars in paid ads, precisely through Facebook advertising.

Reason: Initially, they weren’t sold out on the long list of benefits of paid advertising.

So, as soon as they knocked on our door, our team conducted thorough market research and reviewed their business model. At the same time, we tried to gain deeper insights into their online sales and other relevant statistics. This helped our team understand where they were currently standing.

Problems & Challenges

  • Most of the items in their inventory were low-ticket ones. And the thing is, eCommerce store owners find it extremely hard to have an impressive ROAS upon targeting low-ticket items. 

  • Another challenge was to find a way to tackle the privacy measurements implemented by Apple – as part of their iOS 14.5 update. It’s huge and has really made it tough for advertisers and businesses to deliver personalized ads.

After thoroughly reviewing their business model, we scheduled an internal team discussion with our experts. And within no time, we charted a course to their success by building a high-level Facebook advertising strategy.

Our Solutions

  • Rather than running different advertising campaigns for different individual products that they had in their arsenal, we prepared different bundles and tested different price levels to:

    • Tackle the low-ticket advertising issue

    • Understand which price levels were performing better and parallelly subject to a good ROAS.

    • We intended to gear up against the privacy measurement challenge by leveraging the eCommerce store’s first-party data. So, what we did was request access to their Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics to fetch and gain insights into their first-party customer data. Using this data, we intended to deliver personalized Facebook ads in an efficient manner.

Charting Our Course

As mentioned before, the first thing we did was getting our hands on the client’s first-party data by requesting access to their Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics. Afterward, we prepared different bundles and tested different price levels. Our intentions were to:

  • Address the low ROAS issue upon advertising low-ticket items challenge

  • Preparing and testing different bundles and price levels to find out which ones were performing better than the rest and delivering a good ROAS.

To get the most out of their budget, we planned to run two advertising campaigns – Prospecting & Retargeting.

Using the first-party data we fetched from their Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics, we ran a prospecting campaign to target the Lookalike audiences of the client's already-existing customers.

But before crafting retargeting campaigns, we wanted to understand which bundles and price levels were performing better and learn more about the prospects that were most likely to purchase their products.

Also, we wanted to learn whether the prospecting campaigns were delivering incredible results or not. If not, we’d have had to chart a different course. But the results were fascinating. We are extremely cautious while spending our clients’ top dollars on advertising campaigns. At 0Pennies, our aim is to always get the most out of our clients’ advertising budgets, and we do not want to waste even a single penny on failed efforts.


Total Spent: £4124.53

Total Revenue: £6050.17

Next Steps

Two months in, while we achieved a great deal of success in skyrocketing the client's revenue by 506%, we had to ultimately put a pause to the advertising campaigns because due to more and more return and refund requests being raised by customers.

Reason: Degraded Product Quality

The client's team was impressed with the results our team delivered. However, we insisted they rectify the product quality issues before we could continue with our brilliant advertising campaign.

And that's what they did. As of this writing, we are waiting to hear from them. Once they resolve their product quality issue, we'll hit the "Skyrocket Your Sales" button.


At 0Penny, we believe in delivering brilliant results. We've helped thousands, of our clients, boost their profit margin and scale their businesses in a systematic manner.

And if you’re struggling with your sales, feel free to knock on our door today.

We offer A-Z Managed services for any and every business looking forward to skyrocketing its sales – yes, and that applies even for businesses with low-priced products.

Many store owners are under the impression that advertising low-priced products are a complete waste of time. But, upon building a fool-proof advertising plan and strategically applying the right set of tactics, you can achieve brilliant results. And brilliant results are what we deliver.

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