How We Used FOMO to Cash-in $100,000+ in Revenue for Black Friday at 1300% Return

It's time for the most profitable time of the year

The holiday season is magical.

For businesses, it’s the most competitive yet profitable time of the year.

It is the time of the year when people spend their top dollars to purchase the items on their bucket list.

According to Adobe Analytics, the 2020 holiday season online spending grew over 32.2% from 2019.

This year, we may witness the online holiday season sales break last year’s record – which stood at a GIGANTIC $188.2 billion.

At one point in time, we used strategy to help one of our clients generate $100,000+ in revenue within 4 days during the Black Friday weekend.

Let’s dive in straight away.

How Did We Use “FOMO” to Generate $100,000+ in

Sales Within 4 Days?

NOTE: While this strategy helped generate $100,000+ within a 4-day time period, it's important to note that I was already running conversion-focused Facebook Ads for the client and had a sizeable audience list built up.

Our conversion-focused ads were already targeting the most interested prospects and customers. With our “Viral Referral Program,” we intended to use FOMO to generate a massive buzz around our Early Access to the Black Friday Sale.

What We Did

Our strategy was focused on trying to generate as much buzz around our “Early Access to Black Friday Sale” as possible.

The Viral Referral Landing Page

To get the most out of referral marketing, we used Upviral – one of the best viral referral marketing platforms.

Depending on your preference, you may use other platforms that suit your needs. A good alternative is Vyper.

Once they signed up, we asked them to boost their chances of winning by referring to their friends, family members, or anyone in their network – for which they’d be rewarded with more points, and the ones with the highest points would get in.

Black Friday Specific Creatives

We asked our designers to produce holiday and shopping season creatives for the ads.

They were to be used for a very specific audience that had already engaged with our ongoing campaigns.

Using Scarcity to FOMO them in

We conveyed the message that we’ve very limited stock available with us and are planning on offering massive discounts – as part of our Black Friday Sale – this was conveyed on the landing page and via Facebook Ads.

At the same time, we informed our audience that they could get early access to our Black Friday Sale by signing up on our landing page. But – we had set a fixed limit to the total number of people that’d get early access to our Black Friday sale.

The Launch

With all of the data we had collected, we promoted our “Early Access to Black Friday Sale” ads on Facebook and Instagram – which redirected our audience to our viral landing page.

Now, we saw our audience heavily promoting our "Early Access to Black Friday Sale" offer to people on their radar via social media, emails, chat, and other different channels. And this was followed by their friends and family members signing up for our early access sale and promoting it to get more points.

This led to the snowball effect – as we were able to generate massive buzz via word-of-mouth in an efficient manner. And when we finally gave our audience early access to our Black Friday sale, we were stunned with the results.

We Didn’t Let the Other Participants Go Home Bare Handed!

The ones who couldn't get in – we didn't want them to go home bare-handed. We wanted to genuinely thank them for their participation and, at the same time, purchase our products during the rest of the holiday season.

So, to makeup, we sent their way exclusive discount coupons. While these coupons didn’t offer massive discounts (similar to the ones offered as part of the Early Access sale), it helped us show them that we valued their participation and wanted them to enjoy the rest of the holiday season with us.

This helped us convey the message that we care – which shot up the likelihood of purchasing our product(s).


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The holiday season is upon us. You can use our "FOMO" strategy to generate top dollars – but if you're doing it – we'd advise you to do it right. From gathering audience data to crafting brilliant Facebook ads to building a landing page, you need to have a dedicated process in place to help you generate maximum leads and make your campaign go viral.

Or feel free to reach out to our results-driven Facebook advertising experts to help you with the same.

Don’t wait around!

Begin your Holiday Season preparation today!

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