How to Generate 4500% RoAS by Harnessing the Halloween Spirit

The start of the biggest time of the year!

Data fetched from Statista indicates that over 20% of celebrators based in the United States intend to spend more in 2021 than they did previously. At the same time, about 2/3rd (64%) have claimed that they intend to spend the same this year.   

Halloween sales in 2020 dropped to $8 billion in 2020, a 9.09% decrease when compared with 2019. However, with an ever-increasing number of people getting vaccinated and our world finally on the verge of defeating this deadly pandemic, the 2021 Halloween sales have been predicted to reach an all-time high - $10.1 billion.

Of this number, about $2.94 billion have been expected to be spent online.

As stated by NRF CEO & President Matthew Shay, “Americans plan to spend more this Halloween than they ever did before. As a reason, retailers have started stockpiling Halloween products.”

For marketers and retailers (online and offline), Halloween is a gigantic-sized opportunity. It’s the time of the year when you can’t afford not to reach out to as many of your target audience as possible – that’s because almost everyone’s in shopping mode. 

The Halloween Buzz on Social Media

Last year, despite the Covid-19 restrictions, over 963.7k posts with the hashtag #Halloween2020 were published on social media platforms which resulted in over 5.5 billion impressions. 

As stated by Facebook:

  • 1.62x photos and 1.24x videos are shared during Halloween when compared with usual days.

  • The top 5 Instagram Hashtags are:

    • #halloween

    • #pumpkin

    • #trickortreat

    • #party

    • #happyhalloween

CLIENT STORY - How We Helped A Contact Lenses Company Skyrocket Their Sales During Halloween

As we mentioned before, Halloween is one of the craziest times of the year. People are looking forward to grabbing their favorite products on sales. This means – it’s a perfect opportunity for marketers, advertisers, and store owners to put their products in front of their audience.

And it’s important to note that as much as you want to increase your sales, you need to build strategic campaigns and make sure that you are able to reach out to your audience in an efficient manner. Otherwise, you may not be able to harness the Halloween spirit at all.

At 0Penny, we believe in delivering outstanding results. And we did the same for one of our clients – who sell different colored contact lenses in the United States. With our strategic Halloween-focused campaigns, we helped them generate up to 4500% return spent on cold traffic.

Our primary aim was to promote their Halloween exclusive offer and drive a huge chunk of their target audience towards their exclusive product page. So, the first step was to create a Halloween-focused exclusive product page where we ran a mouth-watering offer and drove all our traffic. Next, to drive traffic to their page, we crafted a creative video – which was produced just for Halloween – and tapped into the power of Facebook ads to reach out to as many of their prospects and customers as possible.

When done strategically, you can not only skyrocket your sales but also boost brand awareness and put your eCommerce business in hyper-growth mode.


We are just a few days away from Halloween and if you haven’t begun already, you need to build and launch a strategic campaign today itself. But – wait – you may have some objections. Most eCommerce store owners do. We’ve witnessed eCommerce owners be worried about:

  • Objection I – What’s the point of investing money in strategic Halloween campaigns if there’s not much time left for Halloween?

  • Objection II – People don’t purchase non-Halloween products during the Halloween season.

  • Objection III – Covid-19 will put a dampener on Halloween celebrations this year.


To address your concerns, we conducted thorough research, and here’s what we came up with:

  • Solution I – According to Facebook, it’s not before 28th October that the chatter revolving around Halloween season spikes. And it’s at its peak on 31st October (44%) followed by 17% on 1st November. While it’s really important to generate buzz prior to Halloween, all you need to do pre-Halloween is plan your campaigns, load your inventory and wait for 28th October – that’s when the chatter spikes and that’s the time when we’ll be launching our campaigns.

  • Solution II – While people buy candies, decorations, costumes, and other traditional haunts on Halloween, if you are under the impression that people don’t buy non-Halloween products, you’re missing the picture. Just like any time of the year, people want to take advantage of Halloween sales. However, we’d advise you to surround your products and offers around Halloween to generate more buzz – just like we did for BrightEyesContact.

  • Solution III – If you are wondering whether you should be investing thousands of dollars in ads during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s important to note that this year – an ever-increasing number of people are getting vaccinated. Also, we are finally on the verge of defeating the pandemic. As a result, Halloween sales have been predicted to reach an all-time high - $10.1 billion this year.


We don’t want to be the ones who just put our past clients’ results in front of you. No – that’s the last thing we’d do. Instead, we want to show you how you can do the same to skyrocket your profit margin and sales. So, here’s some bonus information:

How to Produce Engaging Halloween-Focused Product Videos?

The first thing we did was reach out to video professionals or artists on Fiverr – one of the largest freelance platforms in the world. You’ll find many – but we usually hire the top-rated ones – these are the people we can rely on. 

The next step is to send them exclusive Halloween products and ask them to capture videos and photos of themselves using these products from different angles. 

Now, you can hire a video editor – again on Fiverr – to build an eye-catching video just like we did for our client.

How to Plan for Special Halloween Offers?

While you’ll be launching your campaigns on Halloween, you need to start planning early. And if you haven’t already, start planning ASAP. Dedicate the entire month for preparation and during the last week or when the chatter kicks off, launch your ad campaigns on social media platforms to redirect your traffic to your dedicated landing pages.

How Long Should You Run Halloween Ads?

You need to start at least one week in advance. This means – we’d advise you to kickstart your campaigns by 23rd October. And if you are planning to keep your offer up and running after Halloween, our advice would be to run your campaigns for a maximum of one week after Halloween ends, i.e., until 6th or 7th November. Afterward, your complete focus should be on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Time to Hit the Top Gear

The holiday season is the time of the year when people spend most of their money. According to data fetched from Statista, retail eCommerce sales crossed the $186 billion mark in 2020. This year, retail spending has been predicted to reach $207 billion. 

At the same time, if you want your campaigns to deliver stellar results, our advice would be to surround them around the individual days. For example, build strategic Halloween-focused campaigns for Halloween. Similarly, do it for other themes like Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas. That’s the best way to get the most out of your campaigns.

Lastly, the cost of ads rises during the Holiday season. That’s because your competitors and almost all online businesses based in the United States may be running ad campaigns across Google, Facebook, and other ad platforms. Hence, it’s really important to start early and be ready when Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Christmas shopping kick-off. 

Next Steps

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