Scaling a German Financial Service Company Campaign to 600€/Day

How we used 2 different strategies to scale their business

Everyone wants to scale their business. But how do you actually do it? There are two strategies you can use:

  1. Horizontal Scaling: This is when you increase your budget by adding more ad sets. You’ll reach more audiences this way, but the reach of each ad set will be small.

  2. Vertical Scaling: This is when you add more budget to your existing ad set. You’ll have fewer audiences, but the reach of your one ad set will be much larger.

The truth is, both of these strategies work. To prove it, in this case study we’ll demonstrate how we recently used both types of scaling to grow our client’s business.

The Results

Here are the results we achieved by using horizontal scaling and vertical scaling simultaneously:

Total spent: 12,000 EUR

Total leads generated: 157

Average Cost Per Lead: 87.90 EUR

CPA for Best Performing Ad Set: 37.90 EUR

Client’s Original Cost Per Lead: 150 EUR

About the Client

The client is in the financial services niche and they were looking for tax experts who were interested in starting their own business. The client would give them training and help them set up their business.

They had run ads before, but the main problem they ran into was their CPA was way too high. Their costs per day were around 150€ a day, which wasn’t profitable for them.

So, they needed someone who could help them collect leads at an affordable price. They also needed help developing effective German copy and ensuring their ads were optimised according to Facebook’s recommendations.

Their goal was to eventually scale to 50 leads per day.

Our Campaign Strategy

Based on their previous CPA of 150€, and their goal of 50 leads per day, we would have needed a budget of 7500€ per week. However, we instead started with a modest budget of 150€ per day, which was all we needed to execute our strategy.

As with all of our campaigns, we started by creating multiple ad campaigns and testing which ones produced the best results.

We began with four different creatives, three headlines, and five different copy variations for the first campaign. We also had two different targeting options.

During the first two days, we generated six leads at 105€ per lead. However, after we refined the campaign we were able to get those costs down. By the end of the 2nd week, we acquired another 38 leads for just 48€ per lead. That represented a 68% reduction in costs.

We ran into some issues getting the ads approved initially, as Facebook categorized them as MLM ads (mistakingly). However, after we appealed we were able to get them approved without any further issues.

What We Learnt from This Campaign

Here are a few tips you can take away from all this:

  • The more data you track the better your performance will be: It’s rare you create a perfect campaign right away. But if you monitor your performance and make changes based on your data you’ll eventually reach your goals.

  • Follow Facebook’s recommendations: While we ran into some issues with our ads getting approved, we always followed Facebook’s rules and guidelines. This helped us eventually get them approved.

  • Be patient: It takes time to create a great campaign. But if you’re patient and keep optimising your ads the results will come eventually.

How We Handle Campaigns in a Foreign Language

Are you located in another country and need help with your next Facebook Ads campaign? Here’s what you can expect:

  • Professional copywriters that understand your business.

  • Native speakers to help translate all the copy for your project.

  • You have the option to assist with translations to ensure everything is worded exactly the way you want.

  • No Google Translate

  • All of the above is included at no extra cost

What We Offer

0Penny is a complete Facebook Ads solution. We offer everything you need to launch a successful campaign, including setup, creative, copy, targeting, research, optimisation, monitoring, and more.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to Facebook Ads but have also taken steps to reduce our expenses. As a result, we’re able to offer agency-level quality at freelancer-level prices.

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