Orlando-based Used Appliances Firm Achieves 77% Lower Lead Cost & a 5.5X RoAS with Just $1000

Learn how we generated high-quality local leads for an Orlando-based used appliances firm

More than 68% of businesses struggle with their lead generation efforts. Additionally, 61% of marketers have reported lead generation to be their #1 challenge.

Generating high-quality leads is one of the big challenges most marketers and businesses face these days. And to achieve the best possible results, businesses need to spend their top dollars on:

  • Media Placement & Distribution

  • Agency & Resources

  • Tools

  • Campaign Creation

  • Funnel Building

  • Incentive

  • And more!

Lead generation is not a straightforward path anymore. Marketers and businesses need to build and implement a fool-proof strategic lead generation plan.

From fueling the top of the funnel with high-quality traffic to getting a maximum number of people to submit the lead generation form, strategic planning is a must.

And based on your industry, target audience, business model, competition, and various other factors, the average cost per lead you may end up having to invest will vary. 

About the Client

Recently, we helped one of our clients – an Orlando-based used appliances firm – cut their cost per lead by 70-80%.

This company sells used home appliances and has warehouses across different cities in the United States, including Orlando, Baltimore. 

According to a report, the average cost per lead for the retail sector stands at $34. We slashed this cost by a gigantic 77% - taking the cost to $7.52 per lead. 

Back when the pandemic hit, they contacted us via WhatsApp. After thoroughly reading one of our case studies, they submitted our form and scheduled a consultation call with us.

Our team comprehensively reviewed their requirements and documented everything over the requirements gathering call – after which we got into an agreement and kickstarted their lead generation venture.

What we did (Creatives & Targeting)

This firm, prior to reaching out to us, conducted most of its operations offline and didn’t have a website.

Hence, we used Messenger ads to efficiently reach out to their target audience.

Initially, we started with refrigerators

Our team set up ads with creatives optimized for five different placements:

  • Instagram Feed

  • Instagram Stories

  • Facebook Feed

  • Facebook Stories

  • Facebook Marketplace

We crafted high-quality copy – which included multiple headlines and body copy – for each of these ad types. Also, we tested different variations using A/B testing to gain insights into what their target audience is reacting to. 

It’s important to note that their target audience comprised people based in Orlando and other US cities where their warehouses were located. Using the existing customer data we received from the client, we narrowed down their audience and targeted them using:

  • Lookalike Audiences – 1%

  • Interest-Based Targeting (initially to learn more about their target audience demographic)

And as we started receiving messages from potential clients, we switched to:

  • Lookalike Audiences – 2%

  • Lookalike Audiences Based on Messages Received

To further boost our lead generation efforts, we added a high-quality video ad creative using the pictures of the appliances shared by the client.

Lastly, we set up 11 different ad sets with different ad variations and ran a strategic ad campaign for a period of four weeks to identify what’s working and what’s not.

Our aim was to gain insights into the ads that their audience was reacting to and based on the end results, we further decided to expand our ad campaigns to achieve tremendous results. 

The Challenges We Faced

While running this lead generation campaign, we faced numerous challenges, which included:

  • Challenge I – The client’s target audience included people based in Orlando and other US cities where their warehouses were situated. This means we had to be extremely precise with the geographic areas we were targeting.

  • Challenge II – The transactions involved a lot of back-and-forth communication.

  • Challenge III – Since the client didn’t have their own website, there was no way to track the conversions via Facebook.

Our Solutions

We tackled the above-mentioned challenges as follows:


Total spent: USD 1000

Total leads/Messaging Conversations: 133

Lead to Sale Conversion Rate: 6%

Average Product Price: USD425-695

Estimated Revenue Generated: USD3,391-5,546

Estimated Return on Spend: 3.39X-5.55X

Why is Local Lead Generation Difficult?

As we mentioned before, 61% of marketers have reported lead generation to be their #1 challenge. And when it comes to generating high-quality local leads, the process becomes even tougher.

That’s because – it’s really important to narrow down your target audience – not only based on their location but also based on their interests and other factors. 

When it comes to lead generation, strategic planning is important. From conducting thorough market and target audience research to building strategic ad campaigns targeting the right people, everything needs to be properly aligned and must contribute towards your marketing and business goals. 

How Will 0-Penny Turn the Complete Process Smoother for You?

With years of experience in building and launching strategic Facebook ad campaigns, our team holds deep expertise in helping multiple local and global businesses attract high-quality traffic, generate quality leads, and boost conversions. We equip ourselves with different Facebook tools and have complete command over them. 

Additionally, we keep ourselves with the latest trends and update our strategies to help you meet your goals ☺ 

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