Reviving a Local Business Post Covid-19 Lockdown with a 234-1159% Return on Spend

Millions of businesses shut down their operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s no secret that the pandemic has had a huge impact on industries all across the globe. 

Even after the lockdown ended, the world witnessed many businesses struggling to keep their doors open. 

Not many of them have been able to get back to the state they were in prior to the lockdown. 

About the client

Based out of Australia, our clients run a local Escape Room facility.

An Escape room is a room in which people are locked in order to play a game requiring them to solve a series of puzzles within a certain amount of time to accomplish a goal, typically finding the key to unlock the room.

From requirements gathering to strategy execution to reporting, we helped them in bringing their business back on track with new bookings at a profitable Return on Spend.

In this case study, I am going to discuss the strategy, process & execution of their Facebook (and Instagram) ads campaign.

Challenge – Generating Sales for a Business with a Long Purchase Cycle

Escape room is a weekend activity. 

Something you would take part in on an outing with friends, a lot of them.

This poses 2 major challenges to a business:

  1. More the friends, more the problems - Planning, organizing & executing a weekend plan is no mean task. It requires serious lobbying, motivation & persuasion skills. 

Being on their screen at every step of the decision-making process was a challenge for this campaign.

  1. Weekend activities like these are usually a last-minute decision. You don’t know if you’ll be turning into Sherlock at 6:30 in the evening or Googling the next best Netflix show to binge on at home, till the very last moment.

Unlike e-Commerce ads where buying is often impulsive, buying a ticket for our Escape Room client’s business, was a comprehensively thought-out decision.

Showcasing the business, the variety of services offered, their benefits & features to the customer, in an easily consumable form was a challenge we tackled in this project.


We started by laying out the funnel. 

The funnel included prospecting & retargeting campaigns. We do this with every client, irrespective if they have opted for the Advanced (without Retargeting) or Ultimate Package (with Retargeting).

The funnel allows us to plan & proceed with a singular goal throughout the lifecycle of the project.

After laying out the funnel, we proceeded with the Prospecting Ads.

The prospecting campaigns utilized video creatives. The creatives were based on the client’s existing media assets which we received during the onboarding process.

The videos were edited & optimized for running on different placements (News Feed, Stories, In-stream, etc) and in line with the right duration required for the ads

Interest-based targeting plus Lookalike audiences from the client’s existing database was used.

After an initial run of the Prospecting campaigns, Retargeting ads were started.

 These narrowed down the targeting to the most interested users who visited the website from the Prospecting ads. 

By providing valuable information about the business, the services & promotions, each campaign pushed the user further towards the goal of booking the ticket.

The ads were monitored daily & updates were made every 5-7 days as and when required.

The goal was to push for higher budgets during the days leading up to the weekends and bring it to normal levels on the other days.


Total spent: AUD973.44

Total purchases: 17*

Total impressions: 48,930

Outbound CTR (Overall): 0.66%

CPM (Overall): AUD19.89

Cost Per Unique Click (Overall): $1.11

Return on Spend (Overall): 2.34*

Return on Spend (Top Ad): 11.59*

*excluding purchases not tracked by Facebook due to latest Apple policy


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